Celestine Gifts 1 / To Remember the Divine Talents

On the way of ascension, this is a one day workshop for DNA activation to once again acquire our divine talents, which were used in the Atlantis – Lemuria era and were then forgotten, and moreover to bring out with unconditional love the other advenced talents that exist in our inner being.
As we ascend to Divine Consciousness, being united with our many divine talents like clear cognition, clear vision and clear hearing, creating together with God is made possible through the cleansing of our DNA codes and the activation of DNA in this respect.
These talents are already present in our essence and we reveal them as our energy rises. Activating these talents through the “Celestine Gifts1” workshop will enable us to live on Earth as our Divine Self, with a high level of perspective and vision, with a high consciousness and energy. This means, a more beautiful life.

You will find below some of the feedback comments from those who have attended the workshop…


Isil Y.
A couple of days after the Celestine Gifts1 workshop I really experienced clear vision and cognition. As long as you maintain in love and light  your insights lead you to the right path. After attending this workshop my confidence increased. I have a better feel of my intuition. My awareness has increased. I am using these talents both in my personal and in my business life.

Ayse E.
I feel so much different since the Celestine Gifts1 workshop. I feel more secure and sure, and I am very happy. I am at peace. I am aware of the changes that I am going through. I am calm. My worries are gone; I do not feel any anxiety for the future. As I make a decision, my inner voice comes out loud and clear, and I decide with my inner voice and can make the right decision.

Ulku F.
Celestine Gifts1 workshop brought a lot of peace and serenity to my life. I feel as if I am at Home. My perception has changed; my senses are keener.. I have a more positive attitude and so the people around me are happier.

Celestine Gifts 1 / To Remember the Divine Talents Workshop is a one day workshop and is held once a month.

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