Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT Training


Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT is a Technique which is applied by slightly tapping the meridian centers in the body to free the individual from the negative feelings like anger, sorrow, anxiety, fear, from phobias, traces of all negative feelings from past experiences and worries about the future. This Technique was  developed by an American clinical psychologist and an American engineer who was also a specialist on NLP and is now applied by psychologists worldwide. The rate of success for EFT is 97%.


• Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT is a very fast technique that may give its results within minutes.
• It can be used safely in all areas during your whole life.
• Those searching for personal development, serenity and enlightenment in life can use this technique to purify the blockages in their life.

Issues that can be purified through Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT cover a wide range. Some of those are listed below:

• Relationship problems
• Problems related to professional life
(Fear of failure, fear of presentation, stress, anxiety, etc.)
• Phobia
(fear of cats or dogs, claustrophobia, fear of darkness, fear of flight)
• Weight problems
• Addictions (smoking, eating, etc.)
• Social phobia (speaking in front of a group)
• Problems of insecurity
• Sexual problems
• Physical Pain (headache, nausea, and other psychosomatic aches)
• Depression

*Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT is a one day training session.

*Attendees are given a booklet and a certificate upon completing the training.

*You can schedule for an individual or a group training.


Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT is a therapy method that provides freedom from emotional records piled up since childhood with the help of our fingertips in a few minutes. This is a therapy method with which we can heal our mind through our body. Emotional Freedom Techniques is somewhat like a combination of the ancient healing methods acupuncture, acupressure and Reiki together with a more contemporary method, NLP. EFT is based on the main concepts of all these Techniques. It is very easy to apply EFT, and the purification occurs much faster than the purification obtained by other classical therapy methods.


There are certain energy centers (chakras and meridian centers) in our body that reach all our organs and tissues. We take in and release from our body the energy from the universe with the help of these centers as we live our life. The blockages, which may stem from various reasons, in these energy centers cause us to be ill. Besides causing physical illness these blockages also affect our emotions. All of the positive or negative incidents that we experience, each of our emotional experiences have an effect on our energy system. That is our meridian and chakra systems are interconnected to our psychology through a complicated system.

Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT cleans the blockages in the energy system to dissolve the negative emotions, which were accumulated because of the blockages, such as pain, anger, anxiety, stress, rage, fear and yearning. The negative emotion that we get whenever we remember a past traumatic experience is gone once the blockage serving as a bridge between them is cleaned and purified. Once the blockage is purified, we remember the experience but we do not feel any negative emotion.

Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT is easy to apply. The whole technique works by defining the emotional problem, focusing on it, and then during this focusing using our fingertips to lightly tap a certain number of times on the meridian points in our body. This application takes only a couple of minutes. You can apply it to yourself anywhere and anytime.

To apply it on someone else, one has to be an EFT specialist.

Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT is used in many clinics worldwide and its success rate on patients is 80-97%, which is a high successful rate. To ensure success the most important part is determining the emotional problem correctly, on which the application will be made!

Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT which has started to be used widely by psychotherapists worldwide is about to be officially approved by the American Pyschotherapists Association.



Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT is a method developed by the American engineer and NLP specialist Gary Craig by utilizing the Thought Field Therapy of the American clinical psychologist Roger Callahan.

Roger Callahan, besides practicing regular psychotherapy, made researches on eastern philosophies and Techniques for years. When treating a patient with hydrophobia, the patient said “Even the thought of water makes me nauseous.” This brought to Roger Callahan’s mind the idea of slightly tapping on the patient’s stomach meridian. A very surprising result was obtained when the meridian located under the patient’s eye was tapped because then the patient’s nausea was gone. The one and a half years of therapy had not given any positive results on the treatment of hydrophobia, but now it was miraculously cured! Callahan, who could not believe this outcome, suggested the patient to go to the nearest pool. The patient, who could not go near any water source before, now washed her face joyfully with the water from the pool.

This method, based on the meridian system in the body, is known by the name of “Thought Field Therapy.”
(Callahan’s books published on this subject are : The Five Minute Phobia Cure, Why You Eat When You Are Not Hungry and The Rapid Treatment of Panic, Agoraphobia and Anxiety )

Almost twenty years after Callahan’s discovery the American engineer and NLP specialist Gary Craig, simplified Callahan’s method and made it easier to use, and thus Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT was developed.

Today EFT specialists, doctors and psychologists use the Techniques in clinics and various centers in many countries worldwide, whereby its success rate is recorded to be 80-97%.



1- Tina Cooper/ Suffolk, England, used EFT to get free of seasickness; she applied the technique while she was at sea and feeling nauseous. After a couple of EFT applications Tina Cooper was free from her seasickness.

2-EFT Therapist Betty Moore (Burlington, Vermont) applied EFT to one of her patients, who had mathematics phobia. Her 40 year old patient wanted to go back to university to graduate but had a lot of difficulty in mathematics, a subject which he had to pass. The numbers made him nauseous, even petrified him. To solve this problem he decided to consult Betty Moore’s clinic. Betty applied EFT to the patient as a pile of math books and notebooks were open in front of him. Following the rounds of EFT application it came out that the patient was experiencing so much difficulty in math because in primary school his teacher had called him to the board to solve a math problem and when he could not solve it, the teacher had gotten angry and had treated him badly. This incident created the emotional problem. Once EFT was used on these emotional prints to purify them, the mathematics phobia of the patient was eliminated.

3-Dilek (35, Istanbul) learned Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT after a break-up she went through. She used EFT on the memories that gave her pain, and following the EFT therapy she was healed very quickly from the painful experience that she had gone through. Dilek said that the pictures of the memories still existed in her mind; however whenever she remembered them, they seemed to be far away and she didn’t feel anything anymore.

4-Aysegul, (38, Istanbul) applied EFT to lose weight. After she began using EFT to lose weight, she discovered that the idea of losing weight put a pressure on her because the people around her wanted her to lose weight; however, her character was so that she was extremely averse to pressure. Thus she determined that this pressure was the real cause of her failure in all her previous attempts at losing weight. After she applied EFT on this angle, she started to lose weight easily.

5-Nilgun (28, Istanbul), who had a great fear of dogs, could only stand next to a dog by screaming and feeling very afraid. Following a few rounds of EFT she reached a point where she could pat a dog. Nilgun overcame her fear of dogs in a short period of time, namely in 45 minutes.

6- Can (13, Istanbul) was always angry and mad at his English language teacher. Once he used EFT on his feelings towards the teacher and the English lessons, he noticed that his anger was dissolved. Thereafter he could easily follow the teacher and the lessons because he was no longer irritated, and so he improved his grades.

7- Ceylan (27, Ankara) was always having problems with her roommate. Once she learned EFT and applied it on the incidents and on her feelings towards her roommate, her constant irritation dissolved. Thus she could think more calmly and harmoniously and could improve her communication with her roommate. As a result, the stress between them dissolved. Then, Ceylan used EFT on business stress. She said that she could now manage everything more easily in the office and could communicate better with people. Moreover, her stress related headaches were also cured.


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