Guidance Of Higherself

Guidance Of Higherself

This is a one-to-one session lasting approximately 60 – 90 minutes.

This session is for those, who need guidance on a certain subject while proceeding on the path to ascension. This session helps one to see and to obtain with light and love the solutions to his/her problems and the answers to his/her questions. In this session DIVINE GUIDANCE is taught.

Choices made with light and love can only bring outcomes with light and love,that is outcomes bringing one serenity, happiness, joy and beauty.

When one makes his/her choices as such, then he/she will always experience serenity, joy, love, happiness and beauty in life.

Guidance of Higherself is a guiding session so that one can see his/her path with light and love as he/she is living so that he/she can make his/her choices with light and love.

You may make an appointment to arrange a session of Guidance of Higherself.