Past Life Healing Therapy

Past Life Healing Therapy


You can learn the number of your past lives and the details of two of them in this therapy session.

This is a one-to-one session. In this therapy no hypnosis is used. The therapy is realized by utilizing only energy, whereby the attendee is totally conscious.

In this session, the details of two of the lives, which are to be chosen by the attendee, are revealed.

The lives to be chosen could either be chronologically the last two ones or they could be the ones relevant for supplying explanation concerning some of the circumstances in the current life. (e.g. To reveal those past lives you can ask questions like “from which past life have I carried my music talent to this life?”, “Have I shared any common lives with my spouse before?”)

The attendee, whose third eye is open, can see visions of his/her previous lives and he/she can remember them through feelings.

You may make an appointment to arrange a Past Life Healing Therapy.