Purification Session

This is a one-to-one session lasting approximately an hour. The Purification Session is made so that you can WORK ON ALL TYPES OF PROBLEMS THAT YOU FACE IN YOUR LIFE TO ELIMINATE THEM. This session is a purification therapy so that you can REALIZE YOUR INNER RESISTANCE, WHICH YOU HAD NOT BEEN AWARE OF, TRANSFORM IT AND PURIFY IT, whereby you will see the recurring patterns and cycles in your life to transform them, to end the lessons and to BE PURIFIED of the negative emotions and patterns.


The issues that can be purified in this session cover a wide range. Some of them are listed below:

• Problems related to professional life (fear of success, fear of presentation, stress, anxiety, etc.)
• Relationship problems
• Low self-esteem
• Low self-confidence
• Weight problems
• Phobia (cat, dog, plane, height, etc.)
• Social phobia (speaking in front of a group)

Purification Session is a therapy chain which can last from 1 session to 5 sessions.
You may make an appointment to arrange a Purification Session.


1- Esin, Assistant to General Manager
Since Esin was afraid of cats, she could not eat outdoors and could not walk comfortably on the street. To overcome her fear of cats, Esin attended a Purification Session. She realized that her fear of cats came from her childhood. When her cousin had thrown a kitten on her, that incident created negative feelings on her about cats. Moreover, she was also influenced by her mother’s fear of cats … With these sessions she overcame her fear of cats, and now she can walk on the streets at ease and can eat outdoors.

2- Beyza, 18, Student
Because of dogs Beyza had great fears in the mornings as she got in the school bus and couldn’t walk freely in the street. After the Purification Session she overcame  her fear of dogs. Now she can freely walk on the streets by herself and pass by dogs without a problem.

3- Mert, Owner of a furniture shop
After Mert had broken up with his girlfriend he was still sad and in pain due to the break-up. Wishing to eliminate these negative feelings, he attended a Purification Session. At the end of the session he realized that his feelings about the break-up were neutralized … He said that he didn’t feel any negative emotions concerning the break-up anymore.

4- Aysen, 25, Communication specialist in a company
Aysen attended a Purification Session because she was experiencing difficulties in the company due to her fear of presentation. Aysen realized that her fear of presentation stemmed from insecurity, excitement and fear of speaking in front of a group… After 3 Purification Sessions she said that she felt better on this issue. She informed me later that in her following presentations she was relaxed and made the presentation with ease, without getting exited …

5- Serkan, 35, Manager in a company
Serkan attended a Purification Session because he was having problems related to stress and anxiety in his business life. After the Purification Sessions he said that he could now work in his office at ease, and he was free from stress and anxiety … Moreover, he said that his colleagues noticed that he became more joyous, and he received from them very positive feedback on his improvement …

6- Mustafa, 33, Banker
Mustafa, working in a bank as a manager, attended a Purification Session because as a result of his heavy workload, he lately felt himself to be very stressful, tense and unhappy. After the Purification Session he said that he felt himself to be lighter and at ease. After some time he gave additional information, whereby he said that even though his workload was still heavy, he felt better and was happy in his life.

7- Sebnem, 41, Housewife
Sebnem attended a Purification Session because she was having problems in her relationship with her husband, and she was feeling unhappy. During the session she realized the negative feelings which she had accumulated in relation to her problems with her husband, and she purified these. After some time she gave more information, whereby she said that her relationship with her husband has undergone a transformation, the positive changes in her have been reflected to their relationship and now she was very happy.