“Puzzle” Therapy Session

This is a one-to-one session lasting approximately an hour. There is a higher purpose in every incident and issue in our lives. Whatever the issue may be, we created this ourselves for our life to be able to experience and pass one or more lessons that we had planned to learn; this was made for a high purpose.

Puzzle Therapy Session

We were born into our family by choice. Our parents are in our lives as of our mutual choices. They are there either for the main purpose of our lives or for our lessons. Sometimes we are born into a family so that we can assist them in their lessons. Our relationships with our parents may sometimes appear as being confusing and challenging lessons. We may experience some difficulties in our business life. We sometimes seem to go through challenging cycles in the business life. We experience the lessons we had prepared in our main contracts like our financial situation, relationships, friendships, relationships with the opposite sex and marriage.

When we are experiencing and are involved in an incident, we sometimes find it difficult to see the greater purpose within the issue or the reasons behind the lesson/ lessons.


Considering the lesson to be like a circle, in reality as we create the circle we place in it both the difficulties, the problems and their solutions along with our higher purpose and lessons. That is they are all there … Inside that circle. They are there waiting for us to see, to remember our lesson and higher purpose and to find the solution. Each issue that we solve takes us a step higher in our ascension, brings out our Higherself more, increases our light, makes our light shine brighter, increases our love. Once we see the whole picture in an incident and put together the pieces of the puzzle, then we can see the complete incident, understand it and pass our lesson. Then we are finished with that lesson and experience. We don’t face that lesson anymore.

In “PUZZLE” therapy session we consider an issue, whereby we can’t see the inherent solution, lesson / lessons and the higher purpose, and then we proceed to remember and see all its pieces and connect the pieces of the puzzle. With this therapy that issue is brought to a solution in one’s life.

You may make an appointment to arrange a session of “Puzzle” Therapy.