Reiki Training


Reiki (Universal Healing Energy), dating back to ancient civilizations like Atlantis andTibet, is a healing technique using hands to heal yourself and others. For preventing sicknesses and providing healing Reiki is a path filled with love, light and peace. You can attend Reiki training individually or as a group.

The word Reiki is made up of the words REI and KI and means “Universal Life Energy”.

A person is initiated to the use of Reiki Energy by a Reiki Master (Master / Teacher). We can say that this resembles adjusting an antenna to receive that frequency.

Traditional Reiki Training is given in three levels:

First Level Reiki, Second Level Reiki and Master / Teacher Level…

First Level Reiki Training:

The First Level Reiki Training contains the following:

  • Introduction to Reiki
  • The history of Reiki
  • The human body as energy
  • Chakras
  • Giving hands-on healing with Reiki (to yourself and others)
  • Chakra cleaning and chakra balancing therapy
  • Initiation
    (At the end of the training session the attendees are initiated to the first level Reiki and are opened up to Reiki energy.)
  • First Level Reiki Training is a one day session.

Second Level Reiki Training:

The Second Level Reiki Training contains the following: 

  • The application of Reiki to yourself and to those around you and to the daily life
  • Teaching the Reiki Symbols

Teaching the 3 Reiki Symbols, which are used to achieve various aims (like the realization of wishes and intentions, the purification of the energy body)

  • In the Second Level Reiki Training Reiki frequency of the attendee is increased, and the attendee is initiated to Reiki Symbols, whereby he/she is enabled to use these symbols
  • Initiation
  • Second Level Reiki Training is a one day session.


Reiki Master Training:

The Reiki Master Training contains the following:

  • In the Reiki Master Level training the attendee completes the final level of training of Reiki and his/her energy is increased.
  • The attendee, who has completed the Reiki Master training, can now be a Reiki Teacher and teach Reiki to others.
  • In the Reiki Master training the attendees learn about the symbols for the Master level, their energies are tuned in to these symbols and they are enabled to use these symbols.
  • Master Level Reiki Training is a one day session

Important points about Reiki:

  • Reiki is not a religion; it is a spiritual enlightenment and healing technique.
  • Reiki energy is of light and love
  • Reiki can only be used for the goodness of all.
  • Reiki speeds up the spiritual enlightenment
  • Reiki Energy can be used at any time and everywhere.

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