Remembrance Session


This is a one-to-one session lasting approximately 60-90 minutes.

The REMEBRANCE SESSION takes us back to the moment in time when we made our choice about our current life while still back at Home.

As in all other therapy sessions this session also proceeds in a totally conscious state.

During this therapy session you remember the life plan you yourself have established and find the answers to the questions like; how many guides or angels were accompanying you at Home at the moment of your choice, how many options you had for your current life on Earth, why you chose this life, WHAT IS THE MAIN PURPOSE OF YOUR LIFE, what the other lessons are, why you have chosen your family in this life, what your reminders in this life are, who the supportive souls in your life are,  WHAT IS YOUR MAIN ROLE IN THIS LIFE?

Besides placing you within the energy of Home and making you feel that you are your Higherself, this therapy session has another important feature: Pressing on the remembrance button… That is, with this session you activate the consciousness to remembrance and then after the session the remembrance process continues in a chain reaction.

Living on Earth by remembering, that is living with a high consciousness, means living a life full of joy, love, peace and beauty.

You may make an appointment to arrange a Remembrance Session.