Therapy with Skype

Purification session can also be made on-line through SKYPE. The effect of this purification session is the same as the one made face to face.

This session is a means of therapy for those living out of Turkey or in Turkey but out of Istanbul. The session can be made either in Turkish or English.

Purification session through SKYPE is a one-to-one session which lasts for approximately an hour. This session is made so that you can WORK ON ALL TYPES OF PROBLEMS THAT YOU FACE IN YOUR LIFE TO ELIMINATE THEM. This session is a purification therapy so that you can REALIZE YOUR INNER RESISTANCE, WHICH YOU HAD NOT BEEN AWARE OF, TRANSFORM IT AND PURIFY IT, whereby you will see the recurring patterns and cycles in your life to transform them, to end the lessons and to BE PURIFIED of the negative emotions and patterns. Problems related to professional life, problems about success, financial problems, relationship problems, low self esteem, feeling unconfident, weight problems, phobia such as fear of heights, airplanes, cats and dogs, are some examples of the topics that can be handled in this session.

Purification therapy is a therapy chain which can last from 1 session to 5 sessions.

You may make an appointment to arrange a therapy session through SKYPE.